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Novobits™: The Optimized Antifuse Register OTP

Reliability. Yield. Size.  Advantage: Novobits™. Novobits

Novobits™ is a customizable register product built on the original pioneering Novocell SmartBit™ technology and is SST’s alternative to foundry-specific e-fuse.

Novobits™ OTP blocks are an area-efficient solution made up of dense 8 bit modular blocks that can meet the smallest of OTP needs with convenience features like 5-10X faster access times, low power sleep mode, low programming current needs, and an unequaled 30+ year of data retention and long term storage stability.

Novobits™ SPX is a special version of Novobits, providing a serial interface and preview mode. Novobits programs
dynamically until all bits are programmed, absolutely ensuring no troublesome tail bit failures, and eliminating the need for building redundancy into your designs.




  • Register architecture
  • Parallel / Parallel OUT
  • Smallest OTP area
  • Data ready after power-up
  • No Tail Bit Failures
  • 10+ year Data Retention
  • Typical usage: trimming, calibration
  • Available Densities: 32–256bits 

Densities: Novobits™ is available in 8 bit increments from 8-256 bits. 

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